Fine Art Photography

A while back I did some creative shots with some branches I've been collecting around the yard. I called them the Dark series.. Very textured and dark feel to it. Anyways,I got my sons to wear them on their heads . Looking through my batch, few were great! but this one shot was just IT for me. You feel like all the planning and hours work had been worth it . I posted it on my Facebook page and on The Photography Network-Picture Social..I was hoping to get some great number of likes but it didn't go as I expected..haha Oh well, not everyone likes the same cup of tea.

Last week I was cleaning out my emails,I always open my emails from photography forums. Flag it and put it into another folder to read later on.Not knowing I opened this mail from Picture Correct and I just instantly  recognized! Before scrolling any further to view it ..I knew it!! That was my winning image from my Dark series..I will call it wining because it was for me! Thank you Picture Correct for sharing it on your tutorials. I'm now satisfied it got put out there for other to enjoy or critic. 

You can check it out on this link .