We coming close to 2015!  What a year! I have had an great experience behind the lenses. Some things have changed, for the better or worst. Lately I have been very focused on lights,gear and people I have come to this moment where I just paused ....

Now we go back in start again, how did I get here? 

Then it hit me! Experiencing the children's love and hate has been my lessons on capturing the moment.Fast tracking in your camera to get the shot! Stepping back to get the right angle! They have been my subjects! My learning experience.

As they grow up, they get tired of you asking for a photo! They don't enjoy modelling for me anymore, unless we going to get more Xbox games..hahaha

So this blog is dedicated my 2 older sons who've not knowingly known the photography lessons I had watching them behind the lenses. 

Hope yous enjoy  the story not only of my photography beginnings  but also the story of these brothers young at heart.