Beautiful Fatu

One of the best decisions in my photography learning was to attend Annie Murray"s Brisbane workshop, "FINDING YOUR BEAUTIFUL" 

I had gathered so much knowledge from it . Made lovely friends with other Brisbane photographers and also from around the world! 

This blog is to show how I  practiced on my posing work. Practice , practice! was a great advice that we always hear but don't make a habit of.  

Very happy with these shots .

Extreme Cooking

And its not even a crime we closing kitchen with a bang!!!!

Positive that we have no future arrangements and commitments towards serving hot plates or fine dinning in that matter.

They have gone through great measures to waste food and not the least,measure the floors and walls with it !

kids mess kitchen.jpg

Shot these fellas young and destructive , Ramsay could be flying in any time now lol.


Young Tunes

Honestly , I loved creating this look. pretty much on the spot pining up the dress to suit. I had a $2.50 bunch of orange silk flowers I bought from the corner discount store. My blue dress I bought couple years back on E bay for 5 bucks!!  Few safety pins to hold up this size 12 dress my model. 

We drove couple mins from home to the banks of beautiful calm Brisbane river. Sun was just setting . Brisbane river growing a glow and sparkling. The thick green grass overgrown behind us .  Natures own backdrop . 

 She is a natural beauty . Love her set grin she gives me , strong as her beautiful freckles on her face. 


So our model came up with this idea. Influenced by a movie,sorry cant recall the tittle. Anyways, I decided to try some different lighting to how it was shot in the clip. I wanted it to have a dark glamour look to it. I used two speed lights ,front the back. I used baking paper as a diffuser for my front light cos I had it quite close to the model plus I anted to direct the light on her face. Next step was oiling her up .yes! was dipping oil everywhere..had to double coat to get an shine effect on her skin. After that, we put many glitter all over to make the sparkle. was a fun set up I tell you!! 

Photo shoot 13 /4/2015

Contrast and color we had our shoot idea leaning towards .In the end I switched to black and white, it just brings the images out with more effect when you have too much color going on. So we've decided to team up two beautiful models. I had few more ideas to shoot as we got to location. Here are few picks of the day.


I love being inspired by other photographers. I screen shot a portrait I saw on Lindsay Alder's website as while ago. She has many creative ideas to inspire others . She used two different color gels as a rim light on each side of the face and great floral around her neck. I was very excited to try it out. I had my makeup colors planned ..Blue,purple and yellow..Quiet a mix hey! As I started planning my floral I was getting worried about having harsh shadows from the speed lights. Okay I'll start with natural light then and see how it goes..but the whole point why I wanted to do this shoot was for the gels! Two minded on shoot. I brought a red gel and a purple gel.Just cheap craft ones. Then I noticed all my colors I picked to match with my floral changed dramatically when I had the colored gels on my speed lights...Bummer!! My "spring" look was gone! . So I went with natural light...not for long cos I still wanted that effect..Threw the red gel out and used the purple because it wasn't over powering. Results!!!!????? I don't know which is my favorite!!! You pick.....

Natural vs One Fill Speed light..

Natural vs One Fill Speed light..

Fine Art Photography

A while back I did some creative shots with some branches I've been collecting around the yard. I called them the Dark series.. Very textured and dark feel to it. Anyways,I got my sons to wear them on their heads . Looking through my batch, few were great! but this one shot was just IT for me. You feel like all the planning and hours work had been worth it . I posted it on my Facebook page and on The Photography Network-Picture Social..I was hoping to get some great number of likes but it didn't go as I expected..haha Oh well, not everyone likes the same cup of tea.

Last week I was cleaning out my emails,I always open my emails from photography forums. Flag it and put it into another folder to read later on.Not knowing I opened this mail from Picture Correct and I just instantly  recognized! Before scrolling any further to view it ..I knew it!! That was my winning image from my Dark series..I will call it wining because it was for me! Thank you Picture Correct for sharing it on your tutorials. I'm now satisfied it got put out there for other to enjoy or critic. 

You can check it out on this link .

February Creative Ideas

Photo shoots drags me away from my other creative love of Photoshop. I normally plan an idea and sketch an outlay of ideas .Sometimes, I just build how my imagination takes me on the spot. 

Dark Series

 At times you have a thought in your mind,how you going to create an new creative image. My vision was ,okay how can make an portrait pop and standout??  The idea in my head was the end results would be eye catching from the textures and lines bringing the portrait to a new feel.Anyways, I get that but I think its taken the portraits to a dark moody feel. hence why I call it "the Dark series"


We coming close to 2015!  What a year! I have had an great experience behind the lenses. Some things have changed, for the better or worst. Lately I have been very focused on lights,gear and people I have come to this moment where I just paused ....

Now we go back in start again, how did I get here? 

Then it hit me! Experiencing the children's love and hate has been my lessons on capturing the moment.Fast tracking in your camera to get the shot! Stepping back to get the right angle! They have been my subjects! My learning experience.

As they grow up, they get tired of you asking for a photo! They don't enjoy modelling for me anymore, unless we going to get more Xbox games..hahaha

So this blog is dedicated my 2 older sons who've not knowingly known the photography lessons I had watching them behind the lenses. 

Hope yous enjoy  the story not only of my photography beginnings  but also the story of these brothers young at heart.  


The "Anthonys"

Thick grass, sun setting and the long day has nearly come to an end. Desipte the colorful surroundings I decided to share the light between father and son as its timeless. 



I enjoyed this photoshoot. We did a plain t-shirt shoot and decided out the box, lets go another step future and show some curves ! 

Model MJ

So my friend calls me and says im free tomorrow lets do a sexy shoot! So we both agree itd be in lingerie and the rest when we get there we just throw ideas and pull out accessories as we go. So we did this shoot in a tiny spare room. One window,so one black curtain easy..Most of the time I had to sit in the hallway and shoot hehe. I think we did well..It was all rewarding for the last mintue plan and less stress of location . 

Dramatic Black and White

So I had an idea to shoot some lighting technique on the face. Editing it later into black and white, I just stampled into this very black look.I hardly edit to this black tone but it really puts a kick in the image I think.

Priscilla and John

One of the biggest weddings I attended.What an amazing energy there was among st everyone. The colors were vibrant .The bride was beautiful ,the groom couldn't keep his eyes of her . Beautiful love and wedding .

Zechariah and Thelma

I enjoyed this wedding very much ! You could feel the warmth presence of love among  the friends and family celebrating this marriage.  

Gavin and Michelle Wicks

Couldn't get any better with the atmosphere of this wedding. Beautiful Gavin and Michelle picked the perfect place to get married. Watching the horizon,ocean view,the sea breeze and family gathered around to witness the beautiful wedding.