In my world of photography, I am always drawn to Fine Art photography. I bring it into my portraits and beauty shoots ever now and then. Nowadays I’m inspired not only from great photographers but also in other aspects ,from various forms of art, culture, geography, crafting, wardrobe stylists, makeup artists , painters, antiques to textures. I pull in a little bit from everything to create my ideas.  Photography networks such as, The Breed, National Geographic, Creative Live, Picture Social, Guru Shots to name a few, are where I've  build few of my techniques and skills from other inspiring photographers. As I was starting to get more serious in photography, photographers like Lindsay Adler, Sue Bryce and Lara Jade  gave me a direction into the way I love to shoot . I enjoy the creative side to it as much as pressing the shutter on my camera. There’s a lot of new talent out there on Instagram, Pinterest , Twitter and  Flipboard where I enjoy watching  new trends and photography . I pick up few cool tips every now and then. I started learning photography by taking photos of local bands in pubs. I did couple photography internships and many volunteer photography shoots to enhance my skills. I would love to span my networking to other creative minds and photographers. 



Irene Drawman 


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